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Our NEW XR9 Delta-9 Gummies are potent, effective, and most importantly legal!

Each gummy contains 25mg delta-9 and 15mg of CBD.

How is this even possible? Let’s do the math!

Each one of our gummies weigh between 8.5-10 grams.

So we take, 0.003 x 8500 = 25.5 and 0.003 x 10,000 = 30. Which means we are allowed between 25.5mg – 30mg of delta-9 per gummy. We made ours with 25mg of delta-9 and 15mg of CBD to ensure they never exceed the legal limit. The combination of these two amazing cannabinoids creates the desired entourage effect which contributes to a more balanced and well-rounded experience.

Our delta-9 distillate is hemp-derived and is in concentrations of less than 0.3% on a dry-weight basis.

Flavors- Mix of Watermelon & Blue Raspberry

Available in- 250mg (10 ct) and 50mg (2 ct)