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THCa flower (sometimes spelled THC-a flower) is a federally legal hemp flower that contains high amounts of THCa and less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

THCA is the acidic form of Delta-9 THC, the most prominent compound in cannabis responsible for the plant’s intoxicating effects. It is one of over 100 known phytocannabinoids in raw cannabis and hemp plants.

THCA is not psychoactive in its natural form however when users light and smoke the flower, most of the THCA converts into psychoactive THC.

THCa Flower Aroma and Flavor Profile  

If you’ve ever smoked traditional cannabis flower before, you’ve got a good idea of what type of high THCa hemp flower will offer you. But you’ve never experienced THCa like ours. Each of our strains has its own distinctive characteristics thanks to their unique terpene profiles. When you shop our collection of premium THCa flower for sale, you’ll unlock a wide range of aromas and flavors.  

Moon Berry Strain

Our Moon Berry THCa hemp flower has a fruity, sweet berry aroma with added notes of diesel, earth, and herb. For THCa flower that smells as good as it tastes, you can’t go wrong with the fan-favorite Moon Berry.   

Grape Frosty Strain

The appearance of this THCa flower really jumps out at you upon first glance, thanks to its abundance of frosty trichomes. As the name suggests, you’ll get notes of grape in both the aroma and flavor profile, along with earthy diesel and sour notes. 

Flava Strain

Bring on the flava! This indica-forward hybrid THCa flower has a woody, floral, citrus aroma and flavor profile thanks to the linalool and limonene terpenes. For a nighttime strain that’s as flavorful as it is potent, the Flava strain is a great choice.  

Cherry Do Si Do Strain

This high THCa flower strain comes with a variety of fruity aromas and flavors, some of which include apple, peach, berry, plum, and lime. This flavorful strain is perfect for those who enjoy a smooth, pleasant smoke.    

Sex Panther

The perfect combination of sweet and down-to-earth, Sex Panther is perfect for those who prefer hybrid strains. You’ll enjoy a sweet and fruity flavor experience when you choose this potent THCa flower strain, with minor notes of earth and spice. 

THCa Hemp Flower Benefits

What are the benefits of THCa? In addition to being the most abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, there are many other benefits to choosing THCa products

It’s More Widely Legal than Delta-9

Of all the things the average customer worries about when looking to buy cannabinoid products, legality and accessibility tend to be fairly high on the list. With THCa flower, that’s not something you have to worry about. Because it’s sourced from legal hemp and contains less than the legal limit of Delta-9 THC, it’s considered federally legal, and it has a wider range of legality on the state level as well.   

THCa Flower Tastes, Smells, and Smokes Just Like Traditional Cannabis

While the psychoactive effects are perhaps the biggest draw when it comes to the traditional form of cannabis, that’s not all that attracts people to the plant. Many people get joy out of the aroma and flavor profile, as well as the actual act of smoking it. THCa flower provides all of those things, only in legal form.

All Kinds of Potential Therapeutic Benefits 

Many people looking to buy THCa flower online are doing so with the hope that it can prevent symptoms. There’s a reason many people use it to relieve symptoms from a variety of  medical issues. The reported therapeutic benefits of THCa include the following: 

Analgesic Properties 

There have been various studies into the discomfort-relieving properties of the cannabis plant, some of which have had promising results. This relief may be because certain nerves have plenty of cannabinoid receptors, and cannabis helps block pain signals from being sent to them. Alternatively, it may simply be because cannabis helps chronic pain sufferers relax and forget about the pain momentarily. Either way, anecdotal evidence suggests it works, and there is research to back it up. 

Antiemetic Properties

People who suffer from nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite for any number of reasons have reported that THCa can help alleviate these symptoms. Medical cannabis has gained traction over the years as an alternative treatment for chemotherapy patients who are not only suffering from cancer but also the awful side effects of their treatment, which include nausea, vomiting, and appetite loss. To back these anecdotal claims with research, a study published in 2013 found that THCa had the potential to reduce nausea symptoms and vomiting in rats.

Stress-Relieving Properties

Too much stress can be detrimental not only to your mental health but to your physical health as well. Many people use cannabinoids as a way to help them relax and decompress after a long hard day, and there is research that suggests cannabis helps reduce stress. However, keep in mind that the same research says too much cannabis can actually stress you out. So like most things in life, use THCa in moderation. 

Sleep Aid Properties

Lack of sleep can lead to all kinds of issues with your mental, physical, and emotional health. While various medications can help treat sleep conditions, they often come with their own set of unpleasant side effects. However, research has shown that cannabinoids like THCa may help treat symptoms of insomnia and help you get a better night’s sleep. 

Anti-Cancer Properties

Amazingly enough, THCa and a variety of the other compounds found in the cannabis plant have been found in research to exhibit “anti-tumorigenic actions,” meaning they may have the ability to combat the growth of cancerous tumors. While the cannabinoid is obviously no cure to cancerous disease, it may be part of an effective treatment for those who are living with it. 

THCa Flower Usage and Consumption

Interested in buying some THCa flower online and trying it yourself? Follow these tips to ensure the best possible experience. 

Picking a Strain

When choosing the right THCa for you, it’s important to remember that different strains have different effects. A sativa will make you feel energized and uplifted, an indica will make you feel relaxed and sedated, and a hybrid will offer a unique blend of the two. Pick the strain you think best suits what you’re aiming for.   

Getting the Right Amount 

If you’re new to the world of cannabis, it’s important to start small with THCa flower. Pounds, for example, aren’t even available for purchase by consumers. Instead, start out with a few grams of a few different strains to find the one that best serves your needs. Once you find your perfect strain, then it’s time to stock up!

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