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Disposable Vapes

Is there any way to enjoy your cannabinoids that is easier or more convenient than disposable pens? With these high-quality disposables from Hemp XR, you can bring your Delta-8 or HHC with you wherever you go, and a euphoric hit will be available at the push of a button.

Live Resin Disposables 2 Gram by HempXR
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THCP Disposables 2 Gram by HempXR
New THCP 2 gram disposable vapes for convenient vaping on...
XR8 2 Gram Disposable Vapes by Hemp XR
New XR8 2 gram disposable vapes for convenient vaping on...

What are Disposable Pens?

Disposable weed pens are cannabinoid-filled vapes ready to go right out of the package. They come with a pre-charged battery and a full tank of cannabinoid oil, meaning you don’t need any other accessories to enjoy them. All you need to do is hold the button down, take a pull, and exhale. 

Our customers love our HHC and Delta-8 THC disposables because they’re compact, easy to use, and offer all the amazing benefits of other modes of cannabinoid consumption. They are a great product for anyone who hasn’t yet acquired the accessories necessary for other forms of consumption. It’s a low-commitment deal that doesn’t even involve charging the device. 

Which Disposable Pen is Right for You?

If you’re searching for a cannabinoid vape that doesn’t require separate cartridges or chargers, disposable pens are the option for you. But keep in mind that disposable carts offer a variety of options of their own. To help you pick the best one, look at the different types of disposable pens Hemp XR offers. 

Delta-8 Disposables

If you’re new to the cannabis community, know that you’ve entered this world at a fascinating time. 

While the menu once consisted simply of a variety of cannabis flower strains, broader legalization of both medical and recreational cannabis and the federal legalization of hemp have opened the door for an array of previously untapped cannabinoids to take the stage. Delta-8 THC is one of those cannabinoids. 

Delta-8 THC is a chemical compound very similar to the standard THC (also known as Delta-9), which provides the euphoric high cannabis is best known for. Delta-8 is present in both hemp and cannabis but only in trace amounts, which means a special process is required to concentrate enough to create Delta pens.  

There are three major differences between Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC: 

  1. Delta-8 offers a milder high than Delta-9
  2. Delta-8 is not said to induce anxiety and paranoia like Delta-9 sometimes can.
  3. Delta-8 products are sourced from hemp and contain less than the legal amount of Delta-9, making them federally legal. 

Our Delta-8 disposable pens are potent and packed with terpenes, and they come in your choice of various popular strains. They are a great option for beginners who are just getting their feet wet with cannabinoids.

HHC Disposables

While Delta-8 has exploded in popularity and has quickly become the most well-known alternative form of THC, many more offer unique benefits. HHC is one of them, and you can try it for yourself in the form of one of our disposable flavored vape pens.

HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol, is a hydrogenated form of THC that offers similar effects to Delta-9, only slightly milder. While there is no hard scale to measure, users report that HHC falls somewhere between Delta-8 and Delta-9 in terms of its potency. 

There may also be some added benefits to choosing HHC over other cannabinoids, including a more significant potential to relieve discomfort, induce relaxation, and help users get better, more meaningful sleep. 

We offer a selection of disposable vape packs containing HHC in various popular cannabis strains. 

The Benefits of Disposable Pens

There are a lot of reasons to choose a disposable THC vape for your next cannabinoid experience, including the following:

Ease of Use

Some people enjoy the whole process of grinding up the flower, packing or rolling it, lighting it up, and passing it around. Others prefer something a bit simpler. If you fall into the latter camp, there’s nothing simpler than grabbing a disposable vape pack, pressing the button, and taking a hit.

No Accessories Necessary

Every other way to smoke or vape your cannabis requires you to have accessories, be it a vape battery, a charger, a pipe, papers, a lighter, or a grinder. Disposable pens require none of the above. It’s all there for you right in the package. This makes these products a great starter kit for curious beginners.

Convenience and Discretion

Cannabis may be far less controversial these days, but that doesn’t mean there’s never a need for discretion. Disposable vapes travel easily, don’t produce lingering smoke or leave a lasting smell, and are incredibly easy to puff on and put away without drawing unwanted attention.  


Since disposable vapes don’t require other accessories, you can spend less money to enjoy them. In addition, they tend to be cheaper than similar options. Cheap vape disposables are a great way to save money without sacrificing quality. 

Variety and Customization

Disposable vape pens offer a wide range of strains and flavors, allowing users to explore and customize their experience. Whether you prefer indica, sativa, or hybrid strains, disposable pens allow you to experiment with different options and find the perfect match for your desired effects and taste preferences.

Portability and Durability

Disposable vape pens are designed with portability in mind. Their compact size and sturdy construction make them ideal for carrying in pockets, purses, or bags without worrying about damage. This durability ensures that your vape pen remains intact and functional, ready for use whenever you desire a quick and convenient cannabis experience.

Controlled Dosage

Disposable vape pens often come with pre-filled cartridges or pods, providing consistent and controlled dosages. This feature is particularly beneficial for beginners or individuals seeking precise and predictable effects, as it eliminates the need for measuring or guessing the appropriate amount of cannabis to consume.

Potential Therapeutic Benefits

Cannabinoids are reported to offer an array of therapeutic benefits on top of the euphoric high for which some are renowned. Research into the validity of these claims is still ongoing, but there have been promising results thus far.

Analgesic Properties

Many who experience chronic discomfort rely on opioids to maintain some semblance of a normal daily life. However, there is evidence to suggest that cannabinoids may help to reduce reliance on these addictive prescription pills by providing discomfort-relieving properties. 

Stress-Relieving Properties

Stress relief is one of the most commonly reported reasons people enjoy cannabinoids recreationally and for medicinal purposes. Indica strains, in particular, are reported to provide relaxing effects that help users decompress after a long and challenging day. 

A study published in 2017 found that there may be some validity to these claims, although in a dose-specific context (i.e., lower doses may relieve stress, while higher doses may increase it).

Anti-Inflammatory Properties  

Inflammation can cause various minor and major health issues, with plenty of different causes. There have been many studies into the potential for cannabinoids to combat swelling and reduce the risk of health issues caused by it, and the results have been largely positive. 

Use as a Sleep Aid 

Getting regular quality sleep is crucial to the overall health of every person on the planet, yet many people struggle with it nightly. 

For a long time, many people with sleep issues have turned to cannabinoids as a natural solution. And when you can sleep more efficiently, you can often reduce your dependence on prescription sleep aids and their laundry lists of potential unpleasant side effects. Studies into the veracity of these claims have found that they may be valid. 

A review published in 2022 found that of 39 patients with insomnia and other sleep disorders, cannabis helped nearly 40% of them forgo their prescription sleep meds. Over 70% of those 39 patients also stated that they found a “subjective improvement in their sleep or related condition” after using medical cannabis. 

Disposable Pen Usage Guide

Okay, so you’ve read all about their incredible benefits, and you’ve decided to grab a box of disposable vapes to try them, but you’re not sure how to get started. Don’t worry; just check out this quick and easy guide for all you need to know. 

Choosing Your Strain

Disposable vapes come in different strains, each offering unique effects. To optimize your experience, knowing what to expect from each strain and choosing yours is essential.


Indica strains provide a soothing sedative high that many people use to decompress and relax. They can also stimulate the appetite, benefiting certain people’s health or inspiring a joyful eating experience. These strains are the ones to go for if you’re curious about cannabis’s potential as a natural sleep aid. 


Sativa strains offer a more cerebral, stimulating, energetic high that is often reported to inspire creative thinking. They’re a better option when you’re looking to remain active when trying out your disposable vapes. 


Hybrid strains are created by crossing an indica with a sativa, which means the array of effects you’ll enjoy from it will vary. To get a better idea of what to expect from a hybrid strain, take a look at that strain’s ratio of indica to sativa. Indica-dominant strains will have more relaxing sedative effects, while sativa-dominant ones will have more euphoric and energetic effects. 

Getting the Amount Right

It’s important to note that even though you may love your initial experience with cannabinoids, that doesn’t necessarily mean that more equals better. You can easily overdo it with your disposable vape and wind up with some unpleasant side effects, such as dry mouth, nausea, paranoia, and anxiety. To avoid these issues, all you need to do is choose the proper amount. 

With a disposable vape, getting a perfectly quantified amount is difficult, so your best bet is to start out with a small puff, allow 10-15 minutes to start feeling the full effects, and then proceed from there. It’s easy to take too big of a hit or too many hits and wind up higher than you want or need to be. Start low, go slow, and up your amount as you deem necessary. 

Storing Your Vape

For beginners using disposable vapes, it’s important to note that a few hits are usually sufficient for a satisfying experience. However, if you find yourself storing them for an extended period, it’s worth considering that disposables are not primarily designed for long-term storage. Nevertheless, you can ensure their longevity by storing them in a cool and dry location to prevent any potential moisture damage, thus maintaining their optimal condition over a considerable duration.

Disposing of Your Vape

Once your disposable vape is empty, it can’t be refilled, so you’ll have to get another if you want to enjoy more cannabinoids. 

To properly dispose of your vape, you can’t just throw it into a recycling bin, as there’s a battery inside. Instead, you’ll need to find the best place to recycle a battery near you. This will vary from place to place, so Google is your friend on this one. 

Disposable Vape FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding disposable vape pens that you might find useful. 

Are Disposable Weed Pens Legal?

The answer to this question will depend on the jurisdiction in which you reside. Hemp XR offers Delta-8 and HHC disposables, which are considered federally legal and enjoy wider legality on the state level. However, laws do change, so remain aware of your state and local laws about alternative cannabinoids.

How Long Do Disposable Pens Last?

This will depend on the size of your disposable and how frequently you use it. A half-gram cart can get up to 150 hits, while a full-gram can get 300 or more. Of course, hit size can also vary widely, so keep that in mind.

How Long Do the Effects of a Disposable Vape Last?

In general, you can expect to start feeling the effects of your disposable pen within about 5 to 10 minutes after your first hit. The effects will peak within about 2 hours and then taper off over the next three or four, bringing the total experience to about 5-6 hours.