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Vape Cartridges

HempXR 1 Gram Live Resin Cartridges
HYBRIDS: Lemon Pound Cake, Sherbert
HempXR 1 Gram THCP Cartridges
SATIVA: OG KUSH INDICA: Granddaddy Purp HYBRIDS: White Widow
900mg Wedding Cake Cartridge
Delta 8 Cartridge in 900MG Available
XR8 Delta 8 cartridges contain 900mg of hemp-derived ∆8 THC...

Vapes are a fast, convenient, and discreet way to enjoy cannabinoids. Each THC cartridge from Hemp XR offers all those benefits, incredible potency, and a fantastic flavor profile. There’s a reason these are some of our most popular cannabis products.  


Which Vape Cartridge is Right for You?  

Hemp XR offers a few different dispensary carts for you to choose from. Each of them provides its unique flavors and psychoactive experiences and comes with some other impressive advantages to consider when choosing the one best for you. To make that decision easier on you, consider the following:

Delta-8 THC Cartridges

Delta-8 THC is a close chemical relative to Delta-9 THC, the compound in cannabis most responsible for getting you high. The most significant differences between the two are that Delta-8 is more widely legal, is not quite as potent, and doesn’t cause anxiety and paranoia. 

We offer Delta-8 THC vape carts filled with 900 milligrams of premium quality Delta-8 THC oil for your vaping pleasure. They’re available in a variety of Delta-8 versions of popular cannabis strains.

THC-V Vape Carts

THC-V, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is one of the many new cannabinoids to hit dispensary shelves in recent years. It’s structurally similar to THC but is reported to offer a variety of unique effects, including appetite suppression, bone growth stimulation, reduced worry, and blood sugar regulation. 

In terms of the psychoactive experience offered by a THC-V weed cartridge, you can anticipate a more stimulating and uplifting effect rather than a chill and relaxed one. 

We have a variety of 900-milligram THC-V cartridges available in some of your favorite cannabis strains at Hemp XR. They’ll connect to your 510-thread vape battery, just like any other popular THC cartridge.


How Do THC Cartridges Work?

The THC cart is quite possibly the simplest way to enjoy your cannabinoids. If you’re new to them, you may wonder exactly how they work. Check out this quick guide to learn all you need to know.

The THC Cartridge

A weed cartridge is a little device that has a mouthpiece on one end, a thread on the other, and a tank full of cannabis oil in between. They come in all kinds of strains, strengths, and cannabinoid blends and also with different amounts of oil. 

The Vape Battery

A THC cart is only part of the vaping equation, so when you purchase one, you won’t be able to just unpack it and puff. You’re going to need a vape battery that is compatible with your cart. 

The widely accepted norm in the realm of vape pens is the 510 thread, and practically any cartridge you acquire should adhere to this standard. Whether it’s a cartridge featuring a novel cannabinoid you’re unfamiliar with, a CBD cartridge with THC, or any other variant, it should typically meet this requirement. Nevertheless, exercising caution and verifying compatibility is advisable to prevent any potential inconveniences.

How It Works

When you’re ready to vape some oil, grab your cart and your cart’s vape battery, then carefully screw the cart into the battery until it’s nice and tight. Assuming your battery is charged, you only need to press the button to heat the coil and then take a small puff off the mouthpiece. It’s that simple.

Pen batteries often have a specific code needed to turn them on, so they’re not just burning the battery while not in use. That code will be detailed in the battery’s packaging, but it’s usually something like pressing the button five times in a row. 


Discover the Power of Vape Carts

There are many reasons people choose vape carts over any other mode of cannabis consumption. If you’re currently on the fence about how you want to enjoy your cannabinoids, consider the following benefits of vape carts:

They’re Super Discreet

Indulging in the act of smoking flower is undeniably enjoyable, yet there are occasions when it may not be feasible. At times, it becomes necessary to consume discreetly, avoiding the dispersion of smoke and the lingering fragrance that follows. Vape carts offer a practical solution by enabling you to discreetly enjoy your pen without leaving any traces of smoke or enduring aromas.

They’re Incredibly Convenient

Other means of cannabis consumption require a full-on toolkit with a pipe or papers, lighters, grinders, and possibly things like water, ice, filter paper, poking tools, and more. Vapes require only the cart and the pen, both of which fit comfortably in your pocket and travel easily enough that you can keep some extra weed cartridges refills on you as well.   

They’re Easy to Use

Smoking a bowl or a joint isn’t necessarily rocket science, but it is more involved than puffing on a vape pen. There’s no packing, rolling, or lighting necessary with vaping; you just hold down the button and take a quick puff whenever you’re in the mood. 

They’re Potent and Super Flavorful

The cannabinoid oil in vape carts is generally a lot more concentrated than cannabis flower is, which means you can get plenty of enjoyment out of a single hit. Oil also retains an incredible terpene profile that doesn’t get altered by combustion. It’s always a pure hit of that amazing terpene flavor. 

They Have an Array of Potential Therapeutic Benefits

While some people go looking for THC cartridges for sale strictly for recreational purposes, there’s also a large contingency of cannabis customers who are interested in the potential therapeutic benefits vape carts offer. Those benefits may include the following:

Discomfort Relief 

The use of cannabinoids as an alternative method of relieving discomfort is something that has become incredibly popular over the years, and research has returned some intriguing results that seem to support the practice. Some chronic discomfort sufferers have even stated that using cannabinoids as an alternative treatment has helped reduce their use of addictive opioids

Less Worry

Another issue many people claim to treat with cannabinoids is feeling anxious. Interestingly enough, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence to support and deny these claims, which speaks to how this plant and its chemical constituents affect every person differently. 

Research tends to agree with these seemingly contradictory claims. Still, it clarifies things a bit — a June 2017 study found that low doses of THC may reduce symptoms, while high doses may cause anxiety. It also found that CBD seems to lessen worry regardless of quantity. In other words, moderation is key for this therapeutic benefit. 

Sleep Aid

Indica strains of cannabis are known to inspire calm, relaxation, and a sense of peace. People who struggle with sleep conditions often use these strains to address the issue and get some rest. 

The anecdotal evidence is intriguing enough, but studies have shown that some people suffering from sleep disorders reported that cannabis had a significant enough effect on their sleep that they could drop their prescription sleep meds. 

Remember, though, that sativa strains are known to stimulate and energize, so if you’re trying to use one as a sleep aid, you might not get the results you’re looking for. Stick with indica in this situation.